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Survey Finds Digital Transformation Outcomes in Doubt By: Mike Vizard on April 14, 2021 Leave a Comment

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations, both large and small, to either launch or accelerate digital business transformation initiatives that, to varying degrees, depend on their level of DevOps acumen to succeed. Value stream management platform provider today published the results of a survey of 200 IT decision makers, 200 security decision makers and 200 business executives in organizations with at least 500 employees which suggests that, while there’s a lot of confidence in those initiatives, the business outcomes those efforts are intended to enable are still very much in doubt.

The survey finds 95% of respondents believe their digital transformation initiatives are going well, with 22% reporting they have been completed. Just under a third (32%), however, said they still have a lot to accomplish. Just under half (49%) said they have yet to see the results they expected. In fact, more than half of respondents (56%) also noted they are concerned about the return on investment (ROI) of those initiatives.

Overall, the survey suggest optimism continues to prevail. A full 92% of respondents said they are creating new value for the business, with 93% claiming the business as a whole remains competitive. However, more than half (57%) are concerned that business, IT and security goals might be misaligned. More than half (54%) are concerned about meeting customer needs. Nearly two-thirds are concerned about software vulnerabilities.

More challenging still, 94% of respondents need software development and delivery to be better aligned to business objectives. Only 54% claim to be strategically aligned. Almost every respondent (99%) needs more visibility into business planning processes, with just over a third (34%) noting they are not especially good at attaining that visibility.

Not surprisingly, a full 91% said they still need more time to work on their digital business transformation initiatives.

Derek Langone, head of strategic transformation for, said the survey makes it apparent there is a much greater need for a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for IT teams that are tied to specific business objectives. As organization of all sizes realize how dependent they have become on software, any delay can have a major impact on revenue and profitability projections, noted Langone.

Of course, not every digital business transformation project is going to succeed, no matter how optimistic business and IT leaders may be. Many initiatives were hastily conceived during the early days of the pandemic. Others were simply accelerated without enough due diligence. is making a case for a value stream management (VSM) platform that enables organizations to first understand the true status of these projects by synthesizing all the data residing in various DevOps platforms, and then assessing the impact any delays might have on the business.

It’s not quite clear how many organizations have managed to get as far as they have without at least some VSM platform equivalent. However, as software development continues to become more complex, it’s also apparent that without a VSM capability, the odds various digital business transformation initiatives currently underway will eventually be derailed are substantially higher than many IT and business professionals would like to admit.

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