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Email Marketing Services: How To Grow Your Business & Generate Revenue


Email Marketing Services: How To Grow Your Business & Generate Revenue

We generated over $12,000 in revenue for a produce company, Cedarcraft, through our email marketing services.

Keep reading to find out how you can use email marketing services to generate a ton of revenue for your own small business.

You don’t want to miss this!

In this blog, I’m going to be talking about email marketing services.

I will be going over what email marketing is, why it’s important, how to use it effectively, and if you stay till the end of the video, I will tell you six of the best providers that you should choose for your email marketing needs.

I’ll be providing info on their email newsletter services, email marketing services prices, and more.

Let’s get started!

#1 What Is Email Marketing?

So the first thing I should cover is what email marketing is.

Mailchimp, one of the leading email marketing service providers, describes email marketing as this:

“A form of marketing that can make the customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services. It can also be a softer sell to educate your audience on the value of your brand or keep them engaged between purchases.”

mailchimp email marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most effective types of marketing tactics out there to grow your business or sell your company’s products or services. 

Since it is a form of direct marketing with potential and loyal customers, it has a high success rate at generating purchases or awareness of a brand.

When someone receives an email, they will have to either open it, delete it, or archive it, otherwise, it will just sit in their inbox.

Because of this, the person receiving the email is pretty much forced to take some kind of action unless they want to constantly deal with those annoying email notifications just sitting there waiting to be opened.

Email marketing is usually either paid as CPM email (cost per thousand impressions), which is usually used to drive campaign awareness, or CPA email (cost per action), which is typically used to drive conversions.


#2 Why Email Marketing Matters For Small Businesses

Now that you know what it is, here are some reasons why you should use email marketing as part of the marketing strategy for your small business:


1. It can help you create a loyal relationship with your customers.

Email marketing allows you to highly personalize your campaigns.

You can also segment your email recipients and targets for each email that is sent out. 

This helps you ensure that the right content is reaching the right people, based on their demographics and interests.

customer relationships 2. It will boost your sales.

The Direct Marketing Association reported that 66% of consumers have, at some point, made a purchase directly related to an email that they received from a business.

Email marketing makes it super easy to make your contacts aware of what product or services you offer, and encourage them to make those purchases right from their phone or desktop.

You also have the opportunity to include sales, discounts, or specials in your marketing emails, making your contacts even more likely to purchase your product or service. 


3. It can help successfully drive traffic to your website, social media, or blog, depending on the topic of your email.

Emails are a great way to raise awareness for ways that customers can get connected with your brand.


4. It is super easy to measure the success of email campaigns.

This can be done through measuring click-through rates, open rates, click-to-open rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates.


5. It also is fairly inexpensive, while still being super effective at generating great results.

According to a study by eMarketer, the median return on investment for email marketing is 122%. That’s way higher than all other marketing channels. 


#3 Why You Should Use An Email Marketing Service

Now that you know what email marketing is and what great benefits you can get from using email marketing for your business, let’s discuss how you can make it happen.

The last thing you would want to do is create bad emails that have a high bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, or just overall don’t represent your brand the best way they could be.

With this being said, if any of you watching have no experience with creating email marketing designs, you may be wondering how you avoid this.

Luckily, there are a ton of email marketing service providers that can help do the work for you.

We’ll be getting into some of our top suggestions soon, but first, let’s talk about why you should use an email marketing service for your business.

Whether you do or do not have prior experience with email marketing, an email marketing service can save you a ton of time.

But before we get into my top email service providers, let’s look at some of the downfalls and limitations of handling email marketing a service provider:


1. You can’t send bulk emails with a personal email account.

If you attempt to send out an email to a large list of recipients, most of the emails will not successfully send, or they will go straight to the recipients’ spam folder.

Email marketing services make it possible to send out mass emails without most of them getting sent to the spam folder.


2. You won’t be able to easily keep track of everyone on your email list.

As a business, you probably have a lot of contacts on your email list.

And this can become very difficult to manage yourself, without the help of an email marketing service.

Luckily, email marketing services are able to easily manage all of your contacts in one place.

They can also keep a record of bounce rates, and the reason that they are occurring.

These are things that would not be possible to do with a personal email.

email list example

3. You may have formatting issues.

When sending out emails, you have to make sure that the format displays correctly on the recipient’s end.

Email marketing services are able to ensure that they will display correctly by sending out multiple formats, each to the correct recipients.

This is something that is not possible if you are using a personal email, and improper formatting often leads emails into the spam folder. 


4. You’ll have to send every single email, every single time.

It would be time-consuming having to manually send out personalized emails to your contact list, every time an action is taken.

With an email service provider, you have the option of creating automated drip sequences.

Automated drip sequences are triggered emails that are sent based on specific actions taken by those on your contact list, even when you’re away from your computer.


5. You don’t have any way of measuring your email’s success.

Okay so you’ve just sent out your brand new email campaign.

You want to be able to see how well it is performing, right?

Well if you use a personal email, it’s not possible to measure the email’s success.

Although with email marketing services, you are able to measure success in many different ways.

You will have access to see all the important metrics, such as the click-through rate, click-to-open rate, and bounce rate.

You will also be able to see which emails were successfully sent, who opened them, which links the recipients specifically clicked on, and if anyone reported your email as spam.

track your progress 6. You aren’t aware of the laws you have to follow while creating your emails.

Believe it or not, there are laws that you have to abide by when sending emails.

Someone who is just starting out with creating email marketing campaigns using a personal email, probably won’t know what the laws are and how to abide by them.

If you’re interested in learning about the email laws, you should research the CAN-SPAM Act.

I’m not going to go into detail about all of the laws, but I do want to mention one of them:

Every email that is sent out must include an opt-out or unsubscribe link.

It would be really difficult to make that possible while using a personal email, but email marketing services automatically ensure that this law, and the rest of them, are abided by.

Plus, you are able to see the metrics of how many, and who, unsubscribed from each email that is sent.


Okay, so after hearing all of those reasons, why would you not want to use an email marketing service?

It will be easier, less time-consuming, and you will generate better results than if you were to try to manage your email campaigns on your own.

On top of all of that, email marketing pricing differs based on the service.

And many options are free!

Now, who doesn’t love free things? 


#4 Best Email Marketing Service Providers

Okay since you’ve made it this far in the video, I’m going to share my expert knowledge on what options you have when selecting an email marketing service


1. MailChimp

MailChimp is the first email marketing service that we’re going to tell you guys about.

They have become very successful and now have millions of customers.

Due to the great amount of experience and success they have had this far, they are able to provide their customers with excellent insights on how to create the best marketing campaigns.

They also make it super simple for those who are just getting started with email marketing, and provide hundreds of ways for you to customize your email marketing designs and overall campaigns. 

You can also start creating your email campaigns on MailChimp for free!

The free plan allows you to have up to 2,000 contacts, and gives you access to all the basic tools.

They also offer three other plans that are starting at $9.99/month, $14.99/month, and $299/month.

Each plan increases in the number of contacts allowed and the services that are offered.

They also offer plans for transactional emails only.

I don’t know about you guys, but that all sounds pretty awesome. 


2. ActiveCampaign

They allow you to send personalized email newsletters, use marketing automation, and help you create overall great customer experiences.

The drag-and-drop feature makes it super easy for beginners to use.

They also offer one-on-one training to teach you how to create the best emails possible for your business.

They offer four different plans.

The first plan starts at $15 per month, and it offers a ton of great email marketing tools.

The other three plans start at $70 and increase as the number of contacts you have increases.

Each plan includes more and more great services.

active campaign email marketing 3. SendinBlue

They give you access to many pre-made automation campaigns for you to customize for your business.

One of the best features about them is that they allow you to have an unlimited list of contacts, no matter what plan you select.

They offer four different plans.

The first plan is free and allows you to send up to 300 emails a day.

The second plan is $25/month, and the third plan is $65/month.

The last plan offers even more services, and requires you to get a quote from them.

They are trusted and used by many large, well-known companies, such as BMW and Heineken Beer.


4. OmniSend

There are over 50,000+ businesses that work with OmniSend every day.

They allow you to create beautiful, on-brand email campaigns by providing email newsletter services, shoppable options, and automated email campaigns.

They offer four plans.

The first one is free and allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month.

Two of the other plans also allow you to send up to 15,000 emails per month, but they each offer additional services to improve your email marketing campaigns.

These are $16/month and $99/month.

The last plan that they offer allows you to send an unlimited number of emails per month.

This plan is custom pricing, depending on the specifics of your business and its needs.


5. Constant Contact

This service is more aimed towards smaller businesses.

So if you’re a small business owner, this could be for you.

They make it easy to customize and create great-looking email campaigns by using their drag-and-drop feature.

They also offer email marketing automation options and eCommerce marketing tools. 

Two plans are offered.

These start at $20/month and $45/month, respectively, and increase as the number of contacts you have increases.

Both plans offer unlimited monthly email sends.

constant contact email marketing 6. Pabbly Email Marketing

The last email marketing service is Pabbly Email Marketing.

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Other than the free plan, which offers limited features, all of the other plans offer the same features no matter which plan you choose.

Some of these features include email marketing automation, pre-made email templates, and email tracking.

They offer four plans and an enterprise option.

The first one is free but offers limited features.

The next two plans are $24/month for 5,000 contacts and $41/month for 15,000 contacts.

The next plan starts at $83/month for 50,000 contacts, and increases in price as the number of contacts increases.

The enterprise option is for businesses with over 1,000,000 contacts, and prices vary.


We hope you take everything you just learned, and start using email marketing services for your small business.

We promise it will have a huge effect in helping create amazing, effective email campaigns, gaining loyal customers, and helping your business grow. 

And check out our blog for even more email marketing tips to help your business drive results!


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