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9 Best Google Ads Courses for Beginners (Free & Paid)

Best Google Ads CoursesBest Google Ads Courses
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Google Ads courses can be a gamechanger for you and your business. The world is going fully online and consumers’ reliance on Google is scaling up day by day. According to a report, out of the 4.39 billion global internet users, 91% are Google users.

Google Ads is an advertising platform designed to help businesses advertise their products and services on the Google network. These ads work on the Pay-Per-Click(PPC) model, where advertisers have to pay for each click they get on their ads.

The best way to become an expert in Google Ads and take advantage of all the benefits Google Ads can offer to businesses is to enroll in a good Google Ads course.

A well-designed course will help you learn how Google Ads work and give you the steps to follow to optimize your campaigns.

We know from experience that Google Ads training can seem daunting and confusing, thanks to the extensive learning material and multiple online courses.

This article will help you make the right call by introducing you to the best Google Ads courses and certifications in the market.

Who should follow a Google Ads course?

Google Ads have become the lifeblood of the digital ecosystem – whether your business is online or offline.

Digital Marketing TrainingDigital Marketing Training

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you need to become a Google Ads specialist. You’ll save money on outsourcing this task to agencies and even if you do, you’ll have better control of what’s going on with your campaigns.

Additionally, Google Ads training is also imperative for digital marketers, account executives, agency professionals, and aspiring marketers.

Becoming Google Ads certified can open up new career opportunities since PPC specialists are high in demand now and it’s a great first step to take to become a digital marketing specialist.

Is it worth getting a Google Ads certification?

In one word: Yes. Google Ads courses don’t just add to your digital marketing knowledge but have a number of advantages to offer to individuals and businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to learn Google Ads and get certified:

  • You’ll learn how to widen your advertising reach and witness a surge in business metrics like engagement, leads, and orders.
  • You’ll be able to improve and optimize your campaigns so that they become profitable.
  • You’ll be able to track and measure your campaigns to gain valuable business insights.
  • It’s a great service to offer to your clients if you’re planning to start a digital marketing agency.
  • It’s a great addition to your CV. Employers (including us) prefer to hire certified professionals for specialized tasks like managing PPC campaigns.
Best Google Ads Courses

These are the best Google Ads courses you can take online and get certified in Google Ads.

  • Google Ads Free Courses
  • Ultimate Google Ads Training
  • Google Ads Essential Training
  • Google Ads For Beginners
  • PPC Fundamentals Course
  • Diploma in Google Ads
  • Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners
  • Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training
  • The Complete Google Ads Masterclass
  • 1. Google Ads Free courses Google Skillshop Online CoursesGoogle Skillshop Online CoursesGoogle Skillshop Online Courses

    Skillshop is a training platform set up by Google to help learners across the globe benefit from Google products and solutions.

    One of the major focuses of Skillshop is Google Ads training. It’s the official training platform to use to get a Google certification on Google Ads.

    The Google Ads certifications currently available are:

    • Google Ads Display Certification
    • Google Ads Search Certification
    • Google Ads – Measurement Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Shopping ads Certification
    • Google Ads Apps Certification

    The Google Ads courses are comprehensive and are taught by Google specialists. Upon completion of a course and passing an exam, you can become a Google Ads certified professional (for the particular specialization).

    Getting a certification from Skillshop is a requirement for agencies or individuals that want to become a Google Ads Certified Partner.

    Why enroll in this course?

    For starters they are free and the official way to prepare for the Google Ads exams. By enrolling in Google Skillshop courses, you’ll:

    • Get fundamental courses for each type of Google Ad – discovery, display, shopping, search, video, and apps
    • Gain practical experience by setting up your own ad campaigns
    • Find tailor-made courses for agency professionals, marketers, and creators
    • Learn how to use Google Ad Smart campaigns – the newer, cost-effective way to bring in more sales

    Pros: Get a Google certification, learn from folks at Google, complete the levels as per your comfort. Great to get started with Google Ads when you have no prior experience or knowledge.

    Cons: Lack of real-life tips and tricks that can make a real difference when trying to optimize your campaigns to the fullest.

    • Course Name: Google Ads Training
    • Vendor: Google Skillshop
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free
    • Duration: Self-paced learning
    • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
    • Certification: Google Ads Certification
    • Assessment: One exam with retake option, 80%+ passing score required

    Learn more about this Course

    2. Ultimate Google Ads Training Udemy Online CoursesUdemy Online CoursesUdemy Online Courses

    The Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay Per Click course offered by Udemy is a great value-for-money deal. Beaming with great reviews and a student base of 100,000+, this course offers Google Ads training as well as practical knowledge about PPC advertising.

    Why enroll in this course?

    Udemy is a renowned website for online courses and digital education. This course will help you:

    • Set up a Google Ads account from scratch
    • Learn how to setup Google Ads conversion tracking and monitor engagement via Google Ads
    • Gain knowledge on how to earn more by lowering your Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
    • Understand how to use tools like SEMrush and Optmyzr for better results
    • Deep dive into consumer behavior and utilization of customer data

    Pros: No prior experience required, lifetime access, introduction to other tools like SEMrush.

    Cons: Content is not updated to cover the latest changes in Google Ads and this creates confusion.

    • Course Name: The Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click
    • Vendor: Udemy
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: $199 (check for discounts).
    • Duration: 5 hours of video content
    • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
    • Certification: Certificate of Completion by Udemy
    • Assessment: Final exam at the end of the course

    Learn more about this Course

    3. Google Ads Essential Training LinkedIn Learning CoursesLinkedIn Learning CoursesLinkedIn Learning Courses

    LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has recently expanded into the online education space. Their Google Ads Essential Training course is a beginner-level program to help aspiring learners get a grasp of Google Ads. This could be a foundation course to becoming a Google Ads specialist.

    Why enroll in this course?

    It’s a free course and it’s only 2.3 hours long. When you register for this Google Ads course, you’ll learn:

    • Foundations of Pay-Per-Click advertising
    • Setting up and exploring your Google Ads account
    • Keyword research and targeting
    • Creating your campaign and advertisements
    • Advanced tracking and monitoring strategies

    Pros: Concise content, no single lesson video exceeds 5 minutes, open forum to discuss doubts.

    Cons: Covers only basic course material.

    • Course Name: Google Ads Essential Training
    • Vendor: LinkedIn Learning
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free
    • Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes
    • Level: Beginner
    • Certification: LinkedIn Learning Certificate
    • Assessment: Complete all course lessons to earn a certificate

    Learn more about this Course

    4. Google Ads For Beginners Skillshare Online CoursesSkillshare Online CoursesSkillshare Online Courses

    The Google Ads for Beginners course is offered by skillshare. It is suitable for people who want to get into PPC but have no prior experience with Google Ads or PPC advertising.

    The course is designed to give you a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to apply in real-time business situations.

    Why enroll in this course?

    The instructor is an experienced PPC specialist and in the demo, you’ll learn tips on how to run profitable PPC campaigns. Among other things, you’ll also:

    • Understand Keywords, their importance and learn accurate keyword targeting
    • Identify Match Types and understand how they help with cost savings
    • Learn all about Bidding Strategies and Quality Scores
    • Get detailed insight into Ad Extensions like Sitelink, Callout, Location, and Call
    • Become an expert in Conversion Tracking, and Ad Campaigns

    Pros: Instructor teaches from personal experience, a live project to test your learnings.

    Cons: 56 lessons, a live project might be challenging for working professionals.

    • Course Name: Google Ads For Beginners 2021
    • Vendor: Skillshare
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free Trial (After the trial period, you can pay an annual fee of $99 or $19/mo).
    • Duration: 4 hours 34 minutes
    • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
    • Certification: No Certification
    • Assessment: Hands-on Class Project

    Learn more about this Course

    5. PPC Fundamentals Course SEMRUSH AcademySEMRUSH AcademySEMRUSH Academy

    PPC Fundamentals Course by Semrush Academy focuses exclusively on Pay-per-Click(PPC) advertising while also teaching you about Google Ads. It is a well-designed course for those who want to learn PPC in general but also learn how Google Ads work.

    Why enroll in this course?

    This course will help you in mastering the following areas :

    • PPC basics with a focus on PPC strategies and successful campaigns
    • Different types of Advertising – Search, Display, Apps, Shopping
    • Setting bids and budgets to maximize profits
    • Multi-Touch Conversions: Learning that conversions can take multiple tries from multiple sources

    Pros: Taught by a PPC expert, the course structure focuses on understanding how PPC works.

    Cons: Live projects or case studies are not part of the course.

    • Course Name: PPC Fundamentals Course
    • Vendor: Semrush Academy
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free
    • Duration: 5 Hours
    • Level: Beginner
    • Certification: Certificate issued by Semrush
    • Assessment: PPC Fundamentals Exam

    Learn more about this Course

    6. Diploma in Google Ads Alison Free Online CoursesAlison Free Online CoursesAlison Free Online Courses

    Allison is going one step further to offer a Diploma in Google Ads, which will benefit students and professionals alike. The course provides a methodical outlook by combining practical examples along with conceptual frameworks.

    Why enroll in this course?

    With the help of this course, you will be able to:

    • Start, set up, and optimize your own Google Ads campaign
    • Get relevant information on remarketing and how it can help your website
    • Understand budgets, billing, and Conversion Tracking
    • Set up A/B tests and keep a check on your Quality Score
    • Learn best practices about advertising your products and services effectively
    • Get an understanding of consumer psychology and behavior

    Pros: Awarding a Diploma instead of certification.

    Cons: Demands more time commitment, all course assessments require a score of 80% or above.

    • Course Name: Diploma in Google Ads
    • Vendor: Alison
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free
    • Duration: 10-15 Hours
    • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    • Certification: Digital Diploma/Diploma/Framed Diploma
    • Assessment: 80% or more in each course assessment

    Learn more about this Course

    7. Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners Coursera Online CoursesCoursera Online CoursesCoursera Online Courses

    Google Ads Tutorial by Coursera is a short course to get an introduction to Google Ads. You should consider this course if you are looking to get a basic understanding of Google Ads and its platform. This course can be a starting point towards becoming a Google Ads specialist.

    Why enroll in this course?

    This tutorial will enable you to:

    • Set up a Google Ads account
    • Establish your first campaign and ad sets
    • Learn Conversion Tracking and Keyword Research
    • Understand Google Ads tools and settings, including Dashboard navigation
    • Grasp the concept of Campaign Optimization
    • Apply your first-hand experience in professional settings and interviews

    Pros: Short and quick way to get an understanding of the basics.

    Cons: Lesser practical examples, lesser focus on advanced concepts.

    • Course Name: Google Ads Tutorial
    • Vendor: Coursera
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Free
    • Duration: 2 Hours
    • Level: Beginner
    • Certification: Course Certificate
    • Assessment: Final Quiz at the end of the course

    Learn more about this Course

    8. Advanced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Certification Training SimpliLearn Online CoursesSimpliLearn Online CoursesSimpliLearn Online Courses

    Advanced PPC Certification is an industry-ready, advanced diploma course by Simplilearn for people who want to become Google Ads specialists. The course is highly comprehensive, with five industry projects, 126 live demos, and multiple industry accreditations.

    Why enroll in this course?

    This Google Ads Bootcamp course will help you to:

    • Become an expert in Pay-Per-Click advertising
    • Provide in-depth knowledge of web analytics and display advertising
    • Learn bidding methods and ranking algorithms
    • Devise campaigns that generate requisite ROI
    • Become industry-ready for a career in PPC advertising

    Pros: Highly advanced and in-depth course, multiple industry projects

    Cons: Requires high time and cost commitment

    • Course Name: Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training
    • Vendor: Simplilearn
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: Paid (Approx $215 for Self-Paced Learning plan)
    • Duration: 60+ Hours
    • Level: Advanced
    • Certification: PPC Certificate
    • Assessment: Simulation Exams and Project Certificates

    Learn more about this Course

    9. The Complete Google Ads Masterclass Udemy Online CoursesUdemy Online CoursesUdemy Online Courses

    Udemy’s Complete Google Ads Masterclass is a 100% practical course that will help you learn the intricacies of Google Ads. The course is designed to help students get hands-on experiences that can result in visible business success.

    Why enroll in this course?

    This course aims to fulfill the following learning objectives:

    • Create Google Ads campaigns and effectively track them
    • Drive traffic to the website and generate valuable leads
    • Determine the right audience to market your product and services
    • Get previous visitors back to your website to get more conversions
    • Ascertain what your ads cost by way of Conversion Tracking
    • Learn ways to earn more and spend less by way of Targeting and Keywords

    Pros: Application-oriented course, gives access to articles, templates, and tools.

    Cons: Intense course modules consisting of 106 lectures.

    • Course Name: The Complete Google Ads Masterclass
    • Vendor: Udemy
    • Type: Digital Training and Learning
    • Cost: $199 (check for discounts).
    • Duration: 16 Hours
    • Level: Intermediate
    • Certification: Certificate of Completion by Udemy

    Learn more about this Course

    Key Learnings

    Google Ads can be beneficial for any business today – big or small, offline or online.

    It is not just a tool by Google but a whole learning system in itself. From digital marketing and consumer psychology to budgeting and monitoring, it touches upon all relevant areas of marketing.

    If you are looking to grow your businesses by learning PPC advertising or aspire to become a Google Ads specialist, you should know the following:

    • Setting up an ad account, campaigns, and ad sets
    • Knowledge of the Google Ads tools, including Dashboard
    • PPC advertising and how it works
    • Effective monitoring, billing, and budgeting
    • Understanding concepts like Keyword Research and Quality Score

    An online Google Ads course is the best way to learn these concepts and skills from the comfort of your home. Many courses offer practical experience by way of case studies and live projects. Some course instructors ensure they teach you via live examples.

    We hope the information on the courses listed above helped you come one step closer to your Google Ads goals. These courses have their own features, learnings, and methods. As an aspiring student, you should select a course based on factors like budget, time commitment, practical experience, and learning objectives.

    Google Ads is an exciting space to experiment and try different marketing techniques. These courses will enable you to set up your own systems and succeed on your own terms.

    If you feel we missed out on an important course in the list, comment below. We will be sure to include it in the list if we find it a good fit for our criteria.

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