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5 Powerful Law Firm Marketing Tips To Secure More Clients


Secure More Clients With These Law Firm Marketing Tips!

If you’re a lawyer, marketing is how you connect with people in need of your services.

And, you may already have a great digital marketing strategy that is working for your firm.

However, these 5 tips we’re about to share with you today are tips that you can easily implement into your existing strategy or into a new strategy.

And, they are proven to increase engagement and help you secure more clients.

So without further ado, let’s go dive in!

5 Law Firm Marketing Tips To Increase Clientele
  • Replace Text With Video To Engage More Of Your Audience
  • Content Focused on Clients, Not Accolades
  • Improve Your Local SEO To Secure More Clients
  • How Law Firms Can Use LinkedIn To Secure More Clients
  • How To Use Email To Nurture Leads
  • 1. Replace Text With Video To Engage More Of Your Audience

    Did you know that law firms with videos on their landing page increase their number of email signups by 127%?

    The fun doesn’t end here though.

    Emails that have a video attached to them have a 137% higher click-through rate to your website than emails that don’t have video.

    And furthermore, 95% of video marketers said video helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

    Clearly, videos are an effective and attractive marketing method to clients in the law industry.

    Yet, all too often, law firms center their content marketing strategy around text-heavy blogs instead.

    That’s not to say that blogs don’t have a place in your marketing strategy, they absolutely do.

    But for topics that aren’t always exciting to read, like those that relate to the study of law…

    …there is a better and more engaging way to present information to your audience.

    That method is video production.

    Videos can host the same content that blogs do but provide your audience a way to watch or listen to your content instead of reading plain old text.

    Video content marketing helps retain their attention, so you can retain their time on site.

    • Where Can You Use Videos?

    As you now know from the statistics we just mentioned, your website and emails are great places to use video.

    But you can also use them for social media posts.

    YouTube is one of the most popular places for businesses to post videos and for good reason.

    YouTube is the second most popular website after Google, which makes sense considering that Google owns YouTube.

    law firm marketing

    Also, 6 out of 10 people say they’d rather watch online videos than television.

    video marketing

    The great thing about videos is you can break them down into snippets, or micro-content.

    And then use either short snippets from the video or the entire video depending on the length, all throughout your marketing efforts.

    • What Makes Video So Effective?

    Now you may be thinking, well that’s all great news, but what makes video so effective for law firm marketing?

    For starters, video will increase your brand engagement.

    The more engaged your potential clients are, the more likely they are to select your services over competitors.

    Video is also a great way to move potential clients through your marketing funnel.

    In order to do this effectively, you must provide a clear call-to-action in your video.

    A call-to-action in a video is a phrase that you will say that is designed to encourage an immediate response from the viewer.

    Your law firm can use a call to action such as “head to our website now to claim your free consultation” and then provide the viewer with a link to your website.

    • How Video Can Help With SEO

    Video can also help with your search engine optimization or SEO for short.

    SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by appearing higher up on search engine result pages.

    One of the key factors that determine your SEO rank is time spent on your website as well as bounce rate.

    Bounce rate refers to the number of potential clients that view your website and leave before clicking through other pages on your site.

    To improve SEO, you want to increase your potential client’s time on your site and decrease the overall bounce rate.

    What is the best way to do that? You guessed it – it’s with videos!

    Depending on how long your videos are, you can drastically increase the time a potential client spends on your site.

    Because videos are so engaging, potential clients are less likely to leave your site after watching a video too.

    So overall, you want to make sure your marketing efforts include video marketing for an increase in engagement, time on site and ultimately clients.

    2. Content Focused On Clients, Not Accolades

    With that being said, traditional text content is not dead and should still be valued highly by your firm.

    Including video in your marketing efforts is not equivalent to ruling text content out completely- they should be used together!

    And that brings us to tip #2 which is content focused on clients, not accolades.

    A study showed that law firms that had high-quality content marketing and blogs had a significant difference in the amount of site traffic they generated.

    In fact, law firm websites that had a blog but weren’t even actively writing new content still generated 237% more visitors than websites without a blog.

    Now you might be wondering, what type of content is best suited for your target audience?

    As an established law firm, it’s an expectation for clients that you have a team of talented and distinguished attorneys.

    However, potential clients don’t want to hear about what your attorneys have achieved in the past.

    They want to know how your attorneys will be able to help them win THEIR case.

    While it is important to showcase your attorney’s achievements and awards in some capacity…

    …it should not be your main content focus when trying to secure new clients.

    A great way to generate client-focused content is by referring back to your existing target audience.

    If you’ve already spent time on your marketing strategy, you probably created a customer avatar, or in other words, determined who your ideal client is.

    If you haven’t, here’s our post on how to build your digital marketing strategy which has a great section on how to create your buyer persona.

    But in short, you want to think about what your ideal clients are looking for in a law firm.

    • What services do you offer that will benefit them?
    • How much are they willing to spend on their case?
    • What will they look for in an attorney?

    When you create great, audience-focused content, you’ll establish your credibility and trust with your audience and you’ll beat the competition.

    Just take a look at these shocking statistics on the state of digital legal marketing.

    law firm marketing

    • 70% of law firms don’t have a call-to-action on their website.
    • 40% of small law firms don’t even have a website.
    • 35% of small firms haven’t updated their website in the last 3 years.

    These are all areas where your firm, through great content marketing, can stand out from the crowd.

    3. Improve Your Local SEO To Secure More Clients

    Our best tip for SEO to help your firm secure more clients is – focus on local SEO!

    You might be wondering, why focus on something like local SEO as opposed to overall SEO for your law firm marketing strategy?

    Well, for starters, 71% of people looking for a lawyer think it is important to have a local attorney.

    It is also much easier and much more time-efficient to improve your local SEO rank versus focusing on overall SEO.

    So what are some quick ways to improve your local SEO?

    Creating a Google My Business account is a great place to start if your law firm doesn’t already have one.

    Google My Business is how your business will appear on Google Maps when a consumer performs a local search query related to law services.

    law firm marketing

    This is important because when a consumer performs a local search, the general structure of the results page will be…

    • paid ads on top,
    • followed by the top local results with Google Maps,
    • followed by the top-ranking organic results

    If you can optimize your content so that you appear in the top 3 local results listings, you are sure to see a large increase in qualified clients for your firm.

    When creating your Google My Business account, be sure to fill out all of the information that you can about your business.

    law firm marketing

    This may sound like a no-brainer but Google allows missing information about your business to be filled in by other people, including your competitors.

    Google My Business can also host pictures of your firm as well as your team.

    law firm marketing

    Consider taking semi-professional pictures of your law team.

    Doing so will give your firm personality which will make a potential client feel more comfortable in choosing to work with your firm.

    A quick tip to help your local SEO efforts while taking pictures of your team is to use a phone with a high-quality camera.

    This is important because pictures that are taken with your phone store location data.

    By taking pictures of your team on your phone and uploading them to your Google My Business page, Google can further verify your law firm’s location.

    As well as the legitimacy of your law practice.

    We have a whole post on how to improve your lawyer SEO rank so if you’d like more information, be sure to check out that post next.

    4. How Law Firms Can Use LinkedIn To Secure More Clients

    The next law firm marketing tip has to do with social media.

    In particular, a platform that most law firms miss out on optimizing for their social media strategy.

    Can you guess which social network we’re talking about?

    Surprisingly, it’s LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is often viewed as a B2B social media platform.

    When using social media for law firms, LinkedIn is a great choice for those that represent businesses, like insurance defense firms for example.

    However, what is often overlooked is that LinkedIn can be extremely effective for B2C law firms as well.

    For starters, by simply managing a page for your firm on LinkedIn, you are already putting yourself at an advantage.

    This is because only 57% of law firms have a presence on LinkedIn.

    And that is even though we know that 45% of all website traffic for law firms is generated through social media platforms.

    As previously mentioned, potential clients are going to research your firm before deciding whether or not they would like to work with you.

    Since LinkedIn is known for its professional tone and ability to connect with professionals…

    …people often use LinkedIn to find a credible law firm they can trust.

    Having a detailed profile and publishing on LinkedIn frequently can help improve your visibility on the platform and collect new leads.

    • What To Post On LinkedIn

    You might be wondering though what to post on LinkedIn since this network’s tone is much different than Facebook or Twitter.

    Great question! We know that images and videos are known to get more engagement and the same is true for LinkedIn.

    Check out some of these LinkedIn engagement rate statistics.

    LinkedIn posts that include an image receive a 98% higher comment rate while posts that include a YouTube link leads to a 75% higher share rate.

    LinkedIn posts

    As with any content your firm posts anywhere, you’ll want to keep your target audience in mind.

    LinkedIn states that posting 20 times per month will help you reach 60% of your unique audience.

    You’ll also want to keep in mind the time that you post in order to receive the most engagement possible.

    This is because engagement on your posts is known to increase your reach on LinkedIn.

    So, it would be a good strategy to encourage your firm’s staff to interact with posts your firm puts on LinkedIn.

    • How LinkedIn Helps With SEO

    LinkedIn will also be able to help your SEO efforts.

    For starters, when somebody searches for your firm on Google, your firm’s LinkedIn page may be one of the top organic results.

    LinkedIn can also help your firm’s SEO because it is another means of sharing your content, which can then be shared by people that follow your profile.

    All of this sharing can help your firm acquire valuable backlinks which are known to improve your SEO rank.

    We have a whole post on LinkedIn marketing too which goes more in-depth into LinkedIn, so be sure to read it too.

    5. How To Use Email To Nurture Leads

    Social media and SEO are both fantastic law firm marketing tools to:

    • increase your brand awareness,
    • drive initial website traffic, and
    • put your firm in front of potential clients

    …but what happens after that?

    How are you staying in touch with your leads?

    This is where an email marketing strategy can help.

    Unlike your social media followers or Google searchers, you own your email list.

    This is why building an email list that you can market to regularly is so important!

    Email marketing is a consistent method of nurturing leads by delivering high-quality content and information right to their inbox.

    There are 2 email marketing methods that accomplish this.

    • Email Newsletters

    One way is by sending out email newsletters.

    This can be great for potential clients who are interested in the services you offer.

    Those who aren’t quite ready to make a decision yet and would like a little more information first.

    They will also serve current clients by keeping them up to date with everything that is going on in your firm.

    Some best email newsletter topics that can increase your brand engagement are:

  • recently won cases,
  • new attorneys that have been added to your team,
  • changes in state or local laws that pertain to the services you offer, and
  • even seasonal advice like how to prep your car for winter which can be great for injury attorneys that deal with car accidents
  • The best part is, people who sign up for your email newsletter are already further into your marketing funnel.

    That is compared to the cold leads you are trying to market to on other platforms like social media.

    • Email Drip Sequences

    The other way to use email marketing to nurture leads is through email drip sequences.

    First, let’s look at what email drip sequences are.

    Email drip sequences are automated messages that get sent to a consumer.

    And depending on how the consumer interacts with that first email, that will then trigger another email to be sent based on that consumer’s behavior.

    For example, if your law firm sends out welcome emails to all new leads that fill out a lead form on your website…

    …they can automatically receive a welcome email from you.

    The welcome email may include a list of all of your services and ask which services the consumer wants to know more about.

    Depending on what option they click, they can receive another email with more information on the services they selected.

    In creating a drip campaign, you set a predetermined order in which the emails will be sent out.

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    This is so you will not be rushing potential clients through your funnel.

    And, to make sure that you are providing them with the valuable information they are seeking.

    Email drip sequences don’t have to end when a potential client becomes a new client though.

    Many law firms will use email drip sequences only during the lead nurturing process, however, they can also help with the onboarding process.

    When you bring on a new client, there is often a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out and many exchanges of information.

    Your firm will benefit from continuing to use email drip sequences during this stage because, as previously mentioned, email drip sequences are automated.

    That means you’ll have more time in a day to build great cases for your clients.

    Wrapping Up

    That’s all for our 5 powerful law firm marketing tips to secure more clients.

    If you need more help with marketing your law firm online, then reach out to us today!

    We have a lot of digital marketing services for lawyers like you, so now’s the perfect time to take advantage of these marketing strategies.

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